Claudia Bielinsky

I was born in Argentina and grew up in Buenos Aires, where I studied Fine Arts. For a long time visual arts have been my daily life.

 In 1987 I moved to Paris, where I currently live.

From the birth of my son I decided to change my job and to embark on the mysterious path of the children’s book, something I had always wanted and never dared!

And now, about fifty books later, fortunately I still have some ideas…

International editions

Many of my books have been edited and translated into several languages ​​by different publishers:

Brazilian (Companiha das Lettra), German (Lanoo), Korean (Kinderland, Froebel, Kookmin y Kyo Hak Sa), Chinese (Pekin Gai, 21st Century, Tree of cotton), Italian (Singe Libri), Spanish, Catalan, Basque (Alfaguara, Santillana, Edelvives and La Galera), Japanese (Hikumano) and also Swedish.


I do meetings in schools, kindergartens, libraries, and also do workshops in fairs.

Together we can discuss and understand how to make a book, ask what ilustration is, how to imagine, to think, to draw and to invent stories, always with a lot of humor and passion. Approach the children to the book in another way. I also offer workshops for the creation and manufacture of books by and for children since kindergarten.

Illustrations and texts

Plein Plein Plein d’objets dans ma maison (2020) – Casterman

Plein plein plein d’animaux! (2019) – Casterman

Vive la Différence! (2019) – Casterman

1,2,3, Varicelle (2018) – Casterman

Prêt pour le grand jour? (2017) – Casterman

La maison des bisous (2017) – Casterman

Valise surprise (2017) – Casterman

C’est la ronde des saisons (2016) – Casterman

Au dodo doudou ! (2016)

1,2,3 … J’enlève tout ! (2016) – Casterman

Le plus beau cadeau du monde (2013) – Casterman

Drôle de valise (2013) – Casterman

La maison des bisous (2011) – Casterman

Poissons, poissons (2010) – Casterman

Tout ce que je peux faire (2009) – Casterman

Une journée dans ma ville (2008) – Casterman

Cache-cache à l’école (2006) – Casterman

Au dodo les autos (2005) – Casterman

Même pas peur (2003) – Casterman

Mon imagier (2003) – Casterman

La poupée de Mireille (2003) – Casterman

C’est mon anniversaire! (2003) – Casterman

Noël à l’école (2003) – Casterman

La maîtresse est malade (2003) – Casterman

Pique nique à la ferme (2003) – Casterman

Il faut sauver Monsieur Tam-Tam (2003) – Casterman

La semaine d’UKI (2002) – Casterman

Le streap tease d’UKI (2002) – Casterman

Les couleurs avec UKI (2002) – Casterman

Les saisons avec UKI (2002) – Casterman

Et pourquoi? (2001) – Casterman

Si je Veux! juin (2000) – Casterman

Qu’est-ce que tu aimes ? (2000) – Casterman

Comment ca va? (2000) – Casterman


Mama elefante es genial (2008) – Santillana

La siesta de Papa elefante (2006) – Alfaguara

El cumpleannos de Enzo (2005) – Alfaguara

Elsita elefante dice no (2005) – Alfaguara
(Textes by: Gabriela Keselman)

Les 10 boutons (2003) – Casterman
(Textes by: Myriam Klein)

Boulette et maigrelette (2001) – Seuil

Les croctélés (2000) – Casterman

On dirait que… : Moi je suis bébé (2000)

On dirait que… : Moi je suis princesse (2000)

On dirait que… : Moi, je suis marchande (2000)

On dirait que… : Moi, je suis docteur (2000)

On dirait que… : Moi, je suis pompier (2000)

(Casterman – Textes by: Patricia Berreby)

Au clair de Luna (2000) – Casterman
(Textes by: Zoe Valdez)